Here goes!

What to do on a rather quiet 4th of July…what to do…what to do….AHA, I shall start a clay blog!

Problem! What does one post on a clay blog? What to post…what to post…hmmm, guess I’ll have to come back to that.

Well, for now, I guess I’ll just post pictures of things I make, and maybe some clay tips, and probably a bunch of filler stuff about my 3 boys. 🙂

I absolutely LOVE my hobby! I’m certainly not the best clayer (is that a word? it’s my blog so it’s a word now! lol), but I enjoy it so much. I’ve sold a few pieces, but I’m not in it to make money. Although in the future when I have time (you know, after my 3 boys are grown and gone) I’d like to be able to have an Etsy shop where I can share my pieces with others. I’m in it for the simple reason that it makes me happy to be able to create little (some not so little), whimsical items that I can give to family and friends and make them smile.

I’ve never blogged before, and I’m definitely not a very good writer, but stay tuned, and every once in a while I’ll remember I have this blog and I’ll come post something. 🙂

Oma's Blessings


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