How did I get here?

How did I wind up with this hobby that not many people have even heard of? I certainly had never heard of it….that is until December, 2009, when a friend on facebook posted some pictures of Christmas ornaments she had made out of something called polymer clay. They were adorable, and I was intrigued, so I asked her for more information.

She showed me these little rectangle blocks of clay, said it was a very fun, inexpensive hobby that she’d been doing for a few years, and that I should see if my local craft stores had a polymer clay section.

So off I went to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby……..ahhhhh, the craft store! The wonderful place that smells of glue and paint and dried flowers and where I could spend WAY too much time. šŸ™‚ To my delight both stores had clay sections, albeit small at that time (they’ve since expanded quite a bit I’m happy to report). I picked out 5 or 6 basic colors from the rainbow of choices that were there, purchased a small plastic set of clay tools, and back home I went to try it out.

This is what my first attempts looked like:


I’ve practiced quite a bit since then and now I can do things like this:


I learned a lot by getting books from the library, and doing online searches, and watched a LOT of youtube tutorials. Just type in “polymer clay tutorials” on youtube and you’ll be surprised just how much is out there.

Well, that’s the condensed version of how I got here. It just goes to show that with a bit of inspiration from a friend, a bit of practice, and a lot of patience, you never know what you can do.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 is a favorite verse of mine, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” I believe God has blessed me with this talent and I hope that I’ll be able to continue being a blessing to family and friends through these little clay pieces for a long time.


4 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. Must say I am rather jealous of your fabulous talents! I enjoy crafting also (quilts are more my thing!). The thing with quilts is that it is structured and you have to follow a pattern from the start. My brain would sit there and look at that blob of clay and go blank! LOL Love ya Sis!

    • LOL, well I can’t seem to sew to save my life. I tried to sew a simple dress one time….yeah, didn’t even look like a dress by the time I finished. So I think we’re pretty even on the talent part…just different talents is all. šŸ™‚ Love ya back Sis!

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