Gotta be organized!

OK, so the main reason for this post is to try out this feature I just discovered how to do. You can put a whole bunch of pictures in a mosaic, like this:

How cool is that?!!

Seriously though, organization is a MUST for me. I try and keep my work station tidy on a daily basis, but every once in a while (usually about every other month) I have to stop all projects and just sit and reorganize my table. That’s what I did today, and it looked so pretty I had to take some pictures.

Plus when you know where everything is ahead of time, it makes your project time SO much more enjoyable….at least I think so, lol.

It absolutely drives me nuts when I see someone that has all their clay tossed in little bags and thrown into one bucket….it makes my head hurt to see that! Why yes, I am slightly OCD, why do you ask? πŸ™‚

Nope, on my table there’s a place for everything and everything has to go in it’s place. My favorite piece is the black box with all the little drawers in it. My wonderful sis gave it to me for my birthday last year and I honestly think I’d be lost without it. Each color family has it’s own drawer (sometimes 2 or 3 drawers per color family, like the blues, I have quite a few shades of blue, so those go in 3 drawers). The larger drawers on the side I use to store little cutters and magnets and other bits and bobs I use for projects. I have more clay stored in one of the white trays under the shelf, and the other white tray holds all my findings.

The 3-drawer container on the left is used for holding my extra clay, pens, paper, and other odds and ends.

Now you’ve seen my little clay corner. The rest of the house might not be as clean…….but I’ll get to it……tomorrow…..maybe! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Gotta be organized!

  1. That is a lot of clay LOL!!! I tried it and did not fare too well so I switched hobbies. I will now make up a new saying just for you to use on crocheters who you may not like in the future “Those who cannot clay…crochet”. Hahaha I love YARN!!!

    • Hahaha, love it! I remember my grandmother trying to teach me to knit years ago…..umm, I don’t like yarn very much, or maybe yarn doesn’t like me….I shall stick with clay! πŸ˜€

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