Shay’s Spotlight

I’m going to try something new on my blog. I thought it would be fun if every once in a while I introduce you to clay artists I’ve come across that have inspired me with their art, or they maybe use clay in a unique or unusual way, or they create pieces that simply leave me gobsmacked (that was a favorite expression of my grandmother, it just means speechless, but it’s more fun to say, lol).

Viewing other artists work is a great way to learn and get new ideas. Just a little side-note of advice here: If you ever use another clayer’s ideas, ALWAYS make sure to give them credit. They’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into creating their pieces. That’s just good clay manners, and besides, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t mind seeing their work mentioned and given credit on a blog or facebook status….a bit of free PR is always a good thing!

So, if you have a website, facebook page, or blog for your clay, please send me a link. I’d love to take a peek at what you’ve created…..and you never know, you might just end up in “Shay’s Spotlight”. 🙂

Stay tuned, hopefully, the first “Spotlight” will be posted next week.


4 thoughts on “Shay’s Spotlight

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. You’ve got some great enthusiasm for clay! I work with it some, too, and I’ve put up some of my projects onto my blog:

    I look forward to seeing what you come out with next! Also… how did you do that mosiac with the pictures? I don’t know how to do that yet…

    • Hi Marly! Thanks for the compliments. 🙂

      To do the mosaic….When you are making a new post, click on add media, and when the new window pops up, on the upper left corner there should be a button that says “create gallery”. You need to already have the pictures you want loaded into your library, then after clicking create gallery, click on the pictures you want and it will arrange them in a grid. (hopefully I didn’t confuse you with that explanation, lol)

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