Let’s talk turkey!

…..as in, turkey magnet tutorial! 🙂

Ok friends, grab these items and we’ll get started.


Oh, and I apologize for the pics in this tutorial, my camera did not want to cooperate for some reason. :/

Start with the maroon and make a ball. Then I use the end of my rolling pin to flatten it out.


Do the same with orange and yellow, but make each color a tad smaller than the previous ball. Stack them up.


Now cut about 1/3 off the bottom of the layers.

TP10 TP11

Next, use your stylus to make a small indent in the middle and to draw on the “feathers”.

TP12 TP13 TP14

Roll out a small log of brown and press onto the indent.

TP15 TP16

Make 2 small circles of white and press onto the front for the eyes. Add beads.

TP17 TP18 TP19

Take a small piece of the maroon and make a thin, rectangle shape and place under the eyes. Draw a line down the middle and tada, it’s the wattle.

TP20 TP21

Make a small triangle of orange and place over the eyes and wattle.

TP22 TP23

Finally, make 2 tear drop shapes out of orange. Use the stylus to make indents for his claws, and press onto the bottom of your turkey.

TP24 TP25 TP26

After baking, glue a magnet onto the back.


OR, you can glue on a pin back and wear this festive little guy around.


Gobble, gobble, gobble!!!! 🙂


Happy Claying!!


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