Here’s a little story

Once upon a time there was a crafter who didn’t know about two very wonderful places. These places were full of things so amazing they boggled the mind and assailed the senses. “Why?”, thought the crafter, “Why haven’t I heard about these places?” The crafter knew she had to tell the world about these places, because she was sure there must be some other clueless people like her out there. 🙂

So without further ado I want to tell you about…..Etsy and Pinterest.

Yes, I know, it’s shocking that it took me so long to discover these places and that there are other people who haven’t heard of them as well, but better late than never.

Pinterest is basically a giant, on-line, bulletin board. If you see something neat in your travels through cyberspace then all you have to do is “Pin it” to this site and lots of other people will then know about that really cute clay tutorial, or absolutely scrumptious recipe you found. Head on over, create an account, set up a bulletin board or two, and pin away.

Etsy is a website where their motto should be, “If you make it, they will come buy it”….or something like that. 🙂 You can sell anything you make on Etsy. It will cost you a very small fee (literally pennies) to sell an item. It’s a great way to get others to know about your products without going to a lot of expense. Not everyone has the funds or opportunity to be part of a craft fair, so that’s where Etsy comes in. It really is like a giant craft fair.

Here’s a few links to some very talented artists who have shops on Etsy.

Renaissance Gal’s canework is simply stunning. Her owl cane is unbelievable!

CraftsPlaza has some sweet, whimsical pieces. My favorite are the holiday girls.

DS Designs is a very talented crocheter. Her owl hats are too adorable.

Nielsen Art specialties are paintings and clay pieces. I love the colors on the bell ornament.

Enjoy browsing, and spread the word about these two sites, because you never know when you’ll come across another crafter just waiting for someone to tell them about these fabulous places. 😀

I hope to one day have a shop on Etsy and maybe sell a piece or two. Until then, I’ll enjoy “walking around” this lovely craft fair getting inspired by other artists.


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