Tin Foil – friend to clayers

Here’s a little tip I’ve learned that saves clay and time. If you’re making a large piece or have something you need to fill, then tin foil comes in VERY handy.


I’ll show you an example. I’ve found these little buckets at the Dollar Tree that are too cute and I’m using them in a new series I’ve entitled “Bitty Buckets”.


They are small, but you can see that it would still use up quite a bit of clay to fill them up. If you’re like me then you have a TON of scrap clay. I thought about using that, but then I realized that would make the buckets heavy to use that much. So I used tin foil. Like this:

DSCN0856 DSCN0858 DSCN0859

Just crumple up a piece and pack it down inside. Then I took a small piece of clay that would go with what I had in mind for decorations, placed it on top of the foil, and pressed it around the edges so it would stick to the side of the bucket.

DSCN0860 DSCN0861 DSCN0862

Add my decoration pieces and tada! 🙂


I also used tin foil in this tree. I shaped the tree out of the tin foil and then covered it with clay.


So now you know, tin foil is not just for cooking. 🙂

Happy claying!


2 thoughts on “Tin Foil – friend to clayers

  1. Hey Sharon! Wanted to tell you that I have had some folks showing interest in your family birthday board you made me! Also, I really like the softness of your web design!

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