A picture’s worth a thousand words……

…..but taking one doesn’t have to cost a thousand dollars!

I’ve had a few people asking about how I take pictures of my clay pieces. So thought I’d type up a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Here is a picture of my extremely sophisticated, highly technological, really, really expensive photo studio. 😉 (I should work harder on trying to think up just a few more adjectives for that sentence, hehehe)


As you can see, it’s conveniently located very nearby to where I make my clays….on the corner of my clay table! By the way, don’t look too closely at my work area, I know it’s in desperate need of cleaning and organizing.


Yep, that’s all I use for taking my pictures. My camera is just a digital point and shoot. I use the “close up” setting. That big, shiny, silver thing is simply a manila folder covered with tin foil. That is one of the best tips I can give for taking pictures…..you need a “reflector”!! This picture I took without the reflector:


There’s lots of shadows and it’s not very bright. This pic I took in the exact same location, but WITH the reflector:


See?!! Quite a bit of difference I think.

That blue piece of paper you probably recognize from almost EVERY picture I’ve ever posted. 🙂 It’s just a piece of scrapbook paper I bought years ago. I have a few other designs, but this one is my favorite. It’s bright with not much of a pattern. That’s another tip…..don’t put too much pattern in your background as it can distract from the clay piece. I really love this blue background, and I hope nothing ever happens to it, because it’s the only one I have! Around the holidays I look at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby to try and find another like it, but so far, no luck.

Then when I’m ready to put the pictures all together into a collage I use Fotor. It’s a free-to-use site and very easy. Once you’ve put your pictures in the collage it gives you the ability to save it to your computer. Here’s one I prepared earlier. 😀


So there you go. Not much to it. Just wanted to show you that it doesn’t take expensive equipment and fancy studios to make nice pictures to display your clay. Hope you are able to use some of these tips.

Happy claying everyone!


3 thoughts on “A picture’s worth a thousand words……

  1. cute paperclips! love them ❤ 🙂
    and oh, I recommend using natural light plus indoor light for your picture taking,
    no reflectors needed, you can just use plain white cloth or patterned ones.
    I only have a low-quality phone camera, making use of natural light will be a lot of help. 🙂
    though yours is already great, just to give you added info 🙂
    hope you can visit my blog too 🙂

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